The Wrong Advice Newsletter — Issue #64 — What The Fuck Is Going On?!

I’m constantly asking myself these days what the fuck is going on anymore?

John Picciuto
2 min readJun 29, 2022

Roe v Wade is Overturned and it has me lost

Do you even care what I have to say about this issue? To some degrees you shouldn’t give a fuck, and on others I think you really should.

On 6/24/22 the Supreme Court of the United States overturned historic precedent in this country in overturning Roe v Wade and in essence a woman’s right to choose in this country. If I’m being honest I was naive that this sort of thing could actually happen. Never in my wildest dreams had I considered the possibility that we as a country could drift so far to the edge of the cliff that something like this could actually happen.

I have for more or less the last 6 years been saying the same thing, that we unlucky enough to be alive during this time, are witnessing the fall of Rome (or in this case the collapse of the United States). Am I wrong? God do I hope so. Is it crazy to imagine? Of course not. In the grand scheme of the history of civilization a near 250-year run is neither long nor impressive. It is for sure within the real of possibilities that we’re sitting here watching the world burn with little to do but tweet about it.

And I think ultimately that is what pissed me off and worries me so much about what happened on Friday. Something like 55% of the US population are pro women’s right to choose and yet 12-dick bags in robes who have a lifetime job decided that it’s no longer up to women to decide, it’s up the government.

And to me, here lies the crazy pills on top of insanity that is this decision: people who agree with what the Supreme Court just did are in essence saying, ok Gov. tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body. Do you have any idea how insane that is? How catastrophically detrimental it is to the basic human rights we all deserve as citizens of this now completely fucked up country?

I could honestly dredge on about this topic for hours and days and I very well might on my podcast but for now I’ll leave you with this:

For those of you who are celebrating this monumental lapse in judgement by the Supreme Court on Roe v Wade, be careful what you wish for.



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