The Wrong Advice Newsletter — Issue #63 — Entrepreneur Life

Let’s talk about being a band of one

Is it easier to be a solo artist or the backup singer in a huge band?

But I was lonely and wanted more.

In March of 2020 I took a job with a growing company in a field I had never worked in before. I have detailed pretty extensively how that failure impacted me so I’ll save you the details here. That being said, 6-months after joining a team, I found myself as a solo artist yet again.

But the truth is that I don’t have the answer just yet!

Although I am 3 years into a solo journey (with a 6-month detour) I find myself going back and forth with what the pros and cons are. Ultimately I know that my life will figure itself out and for that I’m extremely happy that I am able to be content along this path. However, there is one great lesson I’ve learned throughout this entire journey:

Taking risks is tantamount to living a fulfilling life.

Of course failure is an option, but so is success. If you don’t take chances in life you’ll constantly be playing a regretful game of what if. The best advice I can give to you if you’re thinking about going solo, is to do your research and make a concrete plan. Being on your own is a constant battle of juggling 1-million things and almost always evolving. So far I’m happy and extremely lucky! Things do change so we shall see where things take us in the future but for the time being I’m happy being a solo act!



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John Picciuto

John Picciuto


Storyteller, Photographer, and host of The Wrong Advice Podcast. You can find more of my work at