The Love of a pet — Mostly Wrong Advice — Issue #61

John Picciuto
3 min readJun 6, 2022


Without Bella, 1-Year Later

It’s pretty crazy how much time flies. 1-year ago today I lost my dog Bella. Honestly there has not been a single day since then where I haven’t thought about the little smiling weirdo dog I had for not nearly long enough.

Life is a management of the highs and lows.

I’ll be completely honest with you and the day Bella passed I was devastated. I for sure had not cried like that in quite sometime. I was not remotely prepared for her to die and not prepared for the void she would end up leaving in my life.

For a person who has a routine, a dog can be a really great thing. And for 10.5 years my routine involved my pup. Wake up, take her out, give her some water, and head out for the day of work. Come home, she’s there waiting for me, excited to see me, and out again for another walk. Then came dinner time and after we would be hanging for the rest of the evening.

For the last year that routine has changed. I moved, got a new apartment, new beginnings and it was all without my wonderful little (fat) puppy.

Bella really was the best dog you could have ever asked for. She LOVED people. Any time I took Bella to the dog park she would spend all of the time there completely ignoring the other dogs at the park and chasing owners around the space.

The other thing that was great about Bella is how much she loved my nieces. She really had so much fun with them and would make all her days about them anytime they were in the house or around her.

As you get older in life things end up getting taken from you and that’s one of the more unfortunate byproducts of age. The time I had with my pup was not nearly long enough but I will forever remember how great of a dog she was. People who don’t have dogs won’t understand this but they truly are a part of your family.

I loved that chunky pup tremendously and I miss her even more.



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